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All about RSS feeds

What is RSS?

RSS is a quick and easy way to allow you to see when we have added added new content to Bitesized Languages. You can get our Word of the day, and other language learning tips and hints in one place, as soon as its published simply by accessing our RSS feeds.

How you can use RSS?

To get started you will need to first sign up for an RSS reader. An RSS reader is a tool that checks our RSS feeds and lets you read any new articles that have been added. There are many popular RSS readers and applications that can import RSS, a few of the most popular include My Yahoo, IGoogle, and Pageflakes. There are many others that allow you to read RSS from your desktop rather than from within a browser, a simple Google search for RSS reader will give you many good examples, all of these should work with our RSS feeds.

Once you have chosen an RSSreader, you can choose which feed you want to receive. You will notice icons such as this around the site. Wherever you do a feed for the topic you are reading is available, click it for details and further instruction, it's usually just a process of cutting and pasting the RSS link we provide into your reader and you will be up and running immediately!