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Learn Italian!

Bitesized Languages hosts a lively community of Italian learners from around the world.

We believe the best way to learn the Italian language is regular, bite-sized chunks of exposure to listening, speaking and writing practice. We provide an every increasing selection of language games and tools for learning Italian.

These tools include:

  • Our very popular free Italian email word of the day with text and audio examples (also available via Twitter and RSS)
  • Our new Italian language exchange directory, where you can boost your speaking and listening skills in Italian while meeting new people from around the world.
  • Italian Questions and Answers, if you have a question about Italian vocabulary, grammar, cultural use, pronunciation or just about anything related to the Italian language; you can have it answered here by other members, native Italian language speakers or Italian language tutors.
  • A free Italian tutor directory for when you want to take your language to the next level.
  • A growing selection of language games
  • A language blog populated regularly with tips and tales to help you learn Italian and any other language.

We are always expanding our selection of Italian tools and services, available for free to our members. If you have any thoughts about our Italian language services please do let us know.