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French to Polish language exchange partners

If you are a native Polish speaker, the students below are keen to exchange French with you.

  Name Native language Is learning Contact
PrzemekPolishFrenchLogin or sign up.
EwaPolishFrenchLogin or sign up.
MichalPolishFrenchLogin or sign up.
AnnaPolishFrenchLogin or sign up.
ULaPolishFrenchLogin or sign up.
JanPolishFrenchLogin or sign up.
RobertPolishFrenchLogin or sign up.
MajaPolishFrenchLogin or sign up.
yusefPolishFrenchLogin or sign up.
WojtekPolishFrenchLogin or sign up.
SzymonPolishFrenchLogin or sign up.
GrazaPolishFrenchLogin or sign up.
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