Language Show 2011 – Interviews Part 2 – SuperMemo App

Another interesting app I came across at this year’s Language Show, is called SuperMemo by Polish company SuperMemo World.

In this interview, Malgorzata Smigielska explains how the app can help you memorise important elements of a language.

Courses consist of three levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) where each level contains 12 extensive and thoroughly designed lessons (based on the SuperMemo method). One level comprises almost 3,000 grammar and vocabulary exercises, which allow the user to learn 1,000 new words and expressions. Each lesson consists in working with texts, reading and listening comprehension, and revising the vocabulary used in the texts. The course also includes commentaries and grammar sections.  The website claims 3 languages, but Malgorzata assured me there were many more.

The app is only available for iPhone currently ( but is also coming to Android market soon.  The app is based on a well-known principle called Spaced Repetition, which is a method for remembering things that reminds you to repeat something at increasing intervals timed just as you would naturally begin to forget.

It seems like an excellent basis for an app, and well worth a try.

I have an Android phone, so I’m going to have to wait to find out!


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  1. Sandra Stapleton says:

    Was really excited about this app but sadly couldn’t find English / French, which would have been wonderful. Regards, SS

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